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Short Story Contest & New Laptop

Today, I am doing a 24-hour short story contest offered by Writers Weekly.  I read some Stephen King this morning (Full Dark, No Stars) to get the creative juices flowing and my husband was kind enough to go to Starbucks … Continue reading

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Writing is Inspiring!

Writing this blog has inspired me to work harder.  Maybe it’s because when I see that I’ve slacked off all day in print and it’s out there for the public to see it motivates me to do something.  For instance, … Continue reading

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A lazy day

I had every intention of writing today.  All I really had to do was type up a story I wrote and edit it – not much at all.  But alas, I’ve done nothing today.  I can’t seem to concentrate for … Continue reading

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My Writing Space

Every morning, 7 days a week, I do a writing practice.  Just 10-15 minutes of writing on anything I want to write about.  I have been doing  prompts from The Writer’s Idea Book by Jack Heffron and the past 3 … Continue reading

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Reading, Writing, and Inspiration

Today was a productive day.  I got a lot of writing done – more than I thought I would.  I might do more later.  Right now I’m going to kick back, make a latte,  and read Stephen King’s Full Dark, … Continue reading

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Coffee, coffee, coffee

Started the morning off with my usual raspberry latte, then went to Starbucks after my doctor appt. for a White Chocolate Mocha.  I don’t usually get to drink two coffees in one day – only if I’m lucky – so … Continue reading

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Dealing with distractions

I am a writer struggling to write everyday despite life’s distractions.  Sometimes I get very frustrated and overwhelmed especially when I feel like I should be doing more than I am.  My biggest problem is once I let my mind … Continue reading

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