24 Hour Contest & the Aftermath

Ever since the day the 24 hour short story was due (May 1), I have been plagued with terrible head pain.  It started off as an annoying headache and then turned into a migraine.  Luckily I have shots to help with the pain.  Unfortunately, the shot didn’t completely get rid of the pain, just enough so that I didn’t have to stay in bed all day. I haven’t been able to get much writing done – yesterday I was too sleepy from the shot, and it’s been kind of hard to think while my head is pounding.

Today I feel a little better and managed to get some editing done on a story I’ve been working on.  I also started reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks to pass the time.  A book I would definitely recommend reading – it’s a good story, well written, and hard to put down.

As for the contest, I had a lot of fun!  I managed to write the story quickly which gave me plenty of time to edit.  I submitted it around 11pm – right around the time I was getting sleepy and couldn’t think straight anymore.  I like the story I came up with and of course I hope it wins.  If not, I’ve got plans to expand on it – I’ve already come up with ideas of what to write – and then I can submit it somewhere else.  I’ve got six weeks to wait, which is right around the time I should be finding out about two other stories I submitted.


About T. R. Kolbe

I have been writing since July 2010. I wrote one novel although I haven't finished editing it and I don't know that I will. I have also completed 3 short stories and have 3 more that I am working on.
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