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I Am a Book Addict!

I used to be the kind of person who would buy a book, read it, and then buy another one (except on birthdays or Christmas when I would ask for books and then I would have two or three lying … Continue reading

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New Blog Address

Hey everybody.  I have changed my blog address to  I guess there’s really no need for the link.  If you’re reading this, you are already here (but I’m keeping it there anyway).   Thanks to Jody Moller and the … Continue reading

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I’m So Excited!!

I got an honorable mention for my short story A Walk in the Woods which I entered it in the Writer’s Journal Fiction Contest. The story will also get published, although I don’t know when.  I’ve seen some honorable mentions … Continue reading

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Writer’s Group Meeting

On Monday I went to my first writer’s group meeting.  The meeting was held in a coffee shop and there were a lot of people there, somewhere between 25 – 30 — even they weren’t expecting that many.  The coffee … Continue reading

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Too Many Distractions!

Ugh!  I can’t get any writing done right now because they planting trees right outside our door – palm trees.  A couple of months ago they uprooted three trees because they were planted too close to the sidewalks and homes … Continue reading

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Back to Writing — Getting Past the Blahs

The secret is not to try to be perfect.  If you try to be perfect, you procrastinate, you go over and over what you wrote, you make no forward motion.  Trying to be perfect doesn’t produce masterpieces, only agony and … Continue reading

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On Shaky Ground

I’m having one of those days.  You know those days, where you question whether or not you have any business being a writer.  My confidence is shaken.  I never finished college, even when I was there I wasn’t studying writing.  … Continue reading

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