Why am I having such a hard time working on my novel? Sure, I haven’t been feeling well lately. I have three doctor’s appointments this week (Ugh! That’s just too much!). Makes it a little hard to work when I’m not home — especially when I’m sitting in the doctor’s office for over an hour waiting to be seen. I’m also trying to finish up a flash fiction story. But let’s face it, these are just excuses.

I don’t know why I’ve been so reluctant to work on my novel. I am working on it, but only a little here and there. My first novel, I was writing 1000 – 2000 words a day 5 or 6 days a week. This novel is going through a lot more planning than my first novel did and frankly I’m finding it difficult to do all the planning. It does help get the ideas out of my head so they’re not just swimming around up there, waiting to be used. Maybe I’m stalling because I’m unsure of the idea? I guess there’s another part of me that says ‘This idea sucks! No one is going to want to read it!’ I’m also confused about what genre I want this to fit in to. When I wrote my first novel, I wanted to write horror. Now, I’m not so sure what I want to write. I know, I should just start writing and see where it goes. No need to decide all these things now. I’m a thinker and a planner though. I always think way, way too far ahead. I’m always getting ahead of myself because I like to be prepared.

The only way it will ever get done is if I just do it! If it’s a crappy story that nobody wants to read, I’ll work on another one. Ha! Easier said than done. Well, I guess that’s enough rambling. This post is a bit gloomy — I think I’ve thoroughly depressed myself. I’m going to get back to work — plotting and character sketches. Fun!


About T. R. Kolbe

I have been writing since July 2010. I wrote one novel although I haven't finished editing it and I don't know that I will. I have also completed 3 short stories and have 3 more that I am working on.
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