Book Review: Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin

Heart of the MatterHeart of the Matter by Emily Giffin
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This book was nothing like I thought it would be. From the description on the inside cover flap, it talked about two women being brought together after a tragic accident. I thought that accident was going to involve a death but that wasn’t the case.

The story is told from two different points of view–Tessa, the wife of a surgeon and mother to two children, and Valerie, a single mother to a six year old. The tragic accident happens when Valerie’s son suffers severe burns to his hand and face. Dr. Nick Russo, Tessa’s husband, is the surgeon who helps Valerie’s son and so begins their slow moving relationship which eventually turns into an affair. That was the extent of the book, a man cheating on his wife and the aftermath. It was a very slow moving book, yet easy to read because most of the chapters were really short. A book about an affair and nothing more is really not enough to hold my attention. I found myself wishing the book would just end and the last 68 pages seemed to drag on forever. I did read “Something Borrowed” by this author which I did enjoy and it was why I picked this book up (well that, and it was a bargain book at Barnes & Noble), but I think this will be the last book I read by Giffin.

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